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    Christmas Activity Book for Kids is the ultimate “Time to be Jolly book” to usher in the Christmas celebratory period. The weeks and days that lead up to Christmas are one of the most exciting periods in any child’s life and this activity book was designed to complement that feeling. It is filled with Christmas themed mazes, Coloring pages, puzzles and lots more, for kids ages 4-8. Practice makes perfect; and children are not exempt from that rule. Children gain confidence in themselves when they pick up the pencil and practice. The lead up to Christmas is an exciting period and this workbook provides an opportunity for young ones to have fun, learn and at the same time hone their skills. The pages eagerly await the strokes of your child’s pencil to solve puzzles, find missing words, color, trace and draft a letter to Santa.

    Young Scholars work on their fine motor skills, cognitive skills and dexterity as they trace, color, solve puzzles, find missing alphabets etc. Not only are they learning, but they are involved in activities that are fun and engaging, thereby providing parents or guardians time to catch up on tasks.

    There is an eager to learn student and artist in every child, don’t let it fade. Nourish it with this Christmas Activity Book for Kids, a more than 70-page teaching and learning tool. Discover inner peace and the satisfaction of laying the foundation for future achievement. Be proactive, grab a copy today. Makes an excellent gift for family and friends on birthdays, special occasions and of course Christmas.

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