Welcome to A Family Christmas

This website is intended to be a treasury of information to help families experience Christmas as it should be celebrated–together as a FAMILY!

We have put together Christmas resources on this site based on the experience and recommendations of families who enjoy celebrating Christmas to its fullest in a variety of ways.

We will continue to add new resources to aFamilyChristmas.net on an ongoing basis, from our own experiences and the suggestions and ideas submitted from you, our visitors. So be sure to come back and visit every Christmas season, and more often if your family loves Christmas as much as we do.

Our hope is that through this Christmas website, you might find something that will spur the “family spirit” in your house at Christmas time, and help you to carry that spirit in your home throughout the rest of the year.

Be warned, though–the use and application of what you find here may be habit-forming, and could change the way your family celebrates Christmas for the rest of your life. We certainly hope it does.

We wish your family a very Merry and Blessed Christmas together.